Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hair Genius

Some are math or science geniuses, but Nagi Noda was a hair genius. While some can barely brush their hair in the morning, she would use hair to make hats or sculptures. Her work is true art and should be recognized by all. Enough with all this talking, lets get to these amazing pieces of artwork that I'm talking about.

Besides making hair hats, she made Hanpandas. They are a combination of a panda and some other animal. At first when you see a hanpanda, it may look creepy but then the little half pandas grow on you.  Then it comes to the point that you have to own one, and I do need to own one.

This is the selection page that pops up on Nagi Noda's web site when you want to look at a Hanpanda.

                                             These are some examples of the Hanpandas.
You can still buy some of her stuff but she sadly died at 35 after surgery complications after a car accident. In honor of Nagi Noda, don't think of this as a post, but a tribute to her great work and success.

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  1. She has a pig on her hair. Lovely! Cool spread thanks for sharing and drop by me too, soon.