Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kid in A Candy Shop

At the beginning of the blog we had a Goodies Galore post, things based off of Esty.  Well I am going to do another one, but this time it's based off of Alice in Wonderland.
By tinatarnoff

By HeathercicleDesigns

By VintageStyleHome

By EncorePrints

As you know this has nothing to do with fashion, but it was kinda like a mood board because I take inspiration for my outfits from fairytales.  Also, tommorow I am going to a costume party as Alice and I am so exited to go.  I mean costumes are the best thing the world has in my opinion!

What do you like to dress up like? My second choice would be Harry Potter just saying HP is awesome


The Sisters for Life

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The fifties skirt revolution

Well I decided to do this post with my new stuff, yay.  Well ok so on Sunday we decided to go shopping with our collection of gift cards received from Christmas.  So while prosing through the store, I came across this perfect skirt.  I absolutely love the fifties, well I mean don't we all.  So I bought the skirt because it struck me as something based off of the skirts from the 50's.  So I decided to do a comparison.
50's skirts
The Skirt I bought

Then we went to Urban Outfitters, also with gift cards.  I needed to get a dress for an up and coming project.  My teacher wanted us to look really weird.   The project was inspired by Dada.  So I found this cute dress, that is optical illusiony, my own made up word for it.  Based on how far away you are from the dress the pattern changes.
The dress I bought
Well anyways I found some cute stuff that I plan to buy online from Forever 21 and I think I should show you them...

I'm Kinda seeing a polka dot pattern going on here do you see it too?

Now I need Your opinion to decide which ones should stay and which ones should go!
This Section Was brought to you by The Song: Dark Side By Kelly Clarkson.

Sorry the Post was long but I haven't posted in a while and I thought it would do me well to post things like this

P.S. I am going to be in Rome in 2 weeks and Probably will take pictures of what everyone I see is wearing.  I may or may not do a post based on how cute the clothes are and if I can kinda put together the Rome Fashion trends.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eddie Borgo pre-fall 2012

Yes you guessed it, it is the Eddie Borgo pre-fall collection (hence the name of the post).  His collection seems to be going for a gold Mayan appeal.  With some pyramids and designs that look like they should be from a Mayan temple.
Some of them also look like they are inspired by doors * Knock Knock* Any one home.  One of them I seriously just wanted to make my door knockers.  Another is the perfect lock.  Try to crack that one James Bond.

Lastly, my favorite pieces, I love the fact that they did a New York City charm bracelet.  They hinted that there may be a Hong Kong one too, time will tell.  But, the earrings must be the best in the collection for me.  I wish I could have them, I would wear them everywhere.  The dangleness, if that is a word, is at 100% and should be given credit for being awesome.  However, the only thing is that it is a very basic earring design, every store seems has their own version of those earrings.
I really don't feel that this collection took risks, I mean it is epic, but not fresh.  Each of these have been done before and have been showcased in every store.  However, I believe that this collection does tinker each design to near perfection, and have done the best possible with the idea.

Sisters for Life

Friday, May 20, 2011

That 70's Show

In case some of you haven't noticed the 70's are starting are making a comeback in the world of fashion. Some people don't agree with bell-bottoms but once you see these pictures of modern 70's clothing you will want to own a pair of those classic 70's bell-bottoms.

Siri wears Stüssy overalls, $70. M Missoni turtleneck, $395. Marc Jacobs hat. Dorte wears a Marc Jacobs blouse. See by Chloé pants, $335. Linda Farrow sunglasses.

Tucker blouse, $268. Diane von Furstenberg skirt, $265. Marc Jacobs hat and flower pin. Bracelets (worn throughout), from top: Marc by Marc Jacobs brown-and-red hexagon, $88. M. Haskell yellow, $15. Marc by Marc Jacobs dark-green color-blocked, $68, maroon hexagon, yellow color-blocked, red-and-brown striped, $58, red hexagon, and slim red color-blocked, $68. Pierre Hardy wedges.

Boden jacket, $148. 7 For All Mankind jeans. M Missoni bag. Pierre Hardy wedges.

M Missoni cardigan and pants. Dulken & Derrick flower hairpin, $65.

Stella McCartney top, $395. Tucker pants, $325. Mulberry bag. In this story: hair, Martin Cullen at Streeters London; makeup, Ayami Nishimura at Julian Watson Agency; manicure, Mike Pocock at Streeters.

I don't feel like writing much today, so instead just sit back and be memorized by the pretty colors, cute dogs, and pretty mulberry bags we don't own.  I think the pictures will stand in for words.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Goodies Galore!!

I was on Etsy today and found the cutest goodies. The items I chose were based around this french village. Besides looking at these goodies galore, I recommend you go and check out Etsy.

These pictures make me want to just sit down in a rocking chair knitting, in a little run down house in France. I know this post isn't really about fashion but Etsy is a place where you can find some accessories or even clothing to go with any personality.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hair Genius

Some are math or science geniuses, but Nagi Noda was a hair genius. While some can barely brush their hair in the morning, she would use hair to make hats or sculptures. Her work is true art and should be recognized by all. Enough with all this talking, lets get to these amazing pieces of artwork that I'm talking about.

Besides making hair hats, she made Hanpandas. They are a combination of a panda and some other animal. At first when you see a hanpanda, it may look creepy but then the little half pandas grow on you.  Then it comes to the point that you have to own one, and I do need to own one.

This is the selection page that pops up on Nagi Noda's web site when you want to look at a Hanpanda.

                                             These are some examples of the Hanpandas.
You can still buy some of her stuff but she sadly died at 35 after surgery complications after a car accident. In honor of Nagi Noda, don't think of this as a post, but a tribute to her great work and success.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Forgive Me

This post is way over-due. I hope I can make up for the fact that I'm so late in this post with the collection I'm about to present. The genius collection I'm talking about is the Prada spring 2011 ready-to-wear. The collection was full of cheerful eccentric colors, detailed patterns, and futuristic seeming shapes.

This last image is my favorite!!
If I could, I would own every piece in this collection. I love how when you first glance at the collection it seems slightly serious but when you go and look at all the patterns, colors, and shapes you get this feel of someone who wants to look serious at work but is trying to cover the longing they have to dress really free and look like a really fun person. Ooh how I long to own a pair of those eye ware in the first image.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


Color is a huge thing this season. Many designers are doing color and it's starting to take over everything.(Not a bad thing) Recently, I have fallen in love with a lot of color photo shoots, so I'm am going to share some of my favorites. Remember, color can be hard to pull off without it looking really bad but, when you get it to look good, it looks really fabulous.

On the right: Max Mara pants. LeSportsac yellow bag, $78. Yazbukey rainbow bracelet, $400. Noir Jewelry plastic bangle, $60. Converse watch, $75. Versus blue handbag. Marni red tote, $245. We Love Colors socks, $8. Fendi shoes. On the left: Versus dress. Peter Jensen red bag, $349. O.D.M. watch, $85. Fendi clutch. Prada shoes.

Lacoste sweater, $140. Joseph skirt. We Love Colors socks, $8. Louis Vuitton purple bag. Peter Jensen sandals, $306. Pegleg NYC jacket, $250. Joseph skirt. Diane von Furstenburg black-and-blue bag, $350. Cloud 9 watch, $85. Lisa Perry orange bag, $295. Burberry lime bag. Marc by Marc Jacobs wedges, $320. In this story: makeup, Tamah K for See Management; set design, Anne Koch at CLM; manicure, Michina Koide at Art Department.

Lacoste top, $70. Allude skirt, $195. Fendi belt. Missoni rings. Lisa Perry clutch, $250, and yellow hoop bag, $200.

Oooo!! Really pretty Marc Jacobs wedges in the second picture.

Question of the day: If you could take one

thing from any of these color shoots, what

 would it be?