Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eddie Borgo pre-fall 2012

Yes you guessed it, it is the Eddie Borgo pre-fall collection (hence the name of the post).  His collection seems to be going for a gold Mayan appeal.  With some pyramids and designs that look like they should be from a Mayan temple.
Some of them also look like they are inspired by doors * Knock Knock* Any one home.  One of them I seriously just wanted to make my door knockers.  Another is the perfect lock.  Try to crack that one James Bond.

Lastly, my favorite pieces, I love the fact that they did a New York City charm bracelet.  They hinted that there may be a Hong Kong one too, time will tell.  But, the earrings must be the best in the collection for me.  I wish I could have them, I would wear them everywhere.  The dangleness, if that is a word, is at 100% and should be given credit for being awesome.  However, the only thing is that it is a very basic earring design, every store seems has their own version of those earrings.
I really don't feel that this collection took risks, I mean it is epic, but not fresh.  Each of these have been done before and have been showcased in every store.  However, I believe that this collection does tinker each design to near perfection, and have done the best possible with the idea.

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